Author Joyce Godwin Grubbs Remembers:     Greyhound  Lady Walking  Suspense  Series

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                      First novel of the series: Loving Pride


Mystical, Mythical, Armadillos and a Yellow-Brick Road, influence love and initiate passion. 

Trula Kiser, a woman police officer, saves the life of Oscar nominated movie star Judd Miner. He secretly engages her as his celebrity bodyguard by having her pose as his live-in lover.

A motorcycle crash in Oklahoma on their way to reunite Trula with her sister after a ten-year separation, initiates an intriguing series of events.

 Involvement of a dominating man, Pride Godwin complicates events. He has an unorthodox sense of family honor and sabotages her efforts to protect her boss and find the truth about recent deaths in her family.

Answers point to folk lore when mysterious armadillos appear and seem to be the key to the mystery of three deaths. Trula's unspoken search for a home takes her along a “surreal” yellow-brick road adventure as she meets her own unique characters as they solve deaths, kidnapping, blackmail and non-stop intrigue.

From Oklahoma, to Iowa, and Hollywood, the mysterious events to solve the puzzles will lead you to meeting unforgettable characters along “the Yellow Brick Road”.

               Second (and signature) novel of the series: Greyhound Lady Walking


When Corky teased Dalton about showing off for them, he looked genuinely pained. “I swear we’re doing nothing different than we always do when it’s time to go to a Sooner's game. Ask Matt, or Max. Woman, this is Oklahoma football. This is our religion and this is how we worship.” 

                                 ****** From Greyhound Lady Walking **********


Sam Huston: in charge, formidable, ex-military police, champion of women, and very beautiful. Yes, Sam is a woman. 

The two Marrs brothers are her new landlords; each a rich and eligible bachelor in his own right. They are impacted by her breath-taking, if unorthodox introduction into their lives, creating division and competition.  21st century ‘Men of Oklahoma’, they are quickly thrust into a reality check about their views of women; and in particular, about Sam. Jet-setter Dalton and grounded mogul Matt, square off about her lease of their one hundred acre ranch to use as a Greyhound Rescue and Adoption servicesfor retired racers.

Mysterious happenings reveal there is an underground transport system being operated at the ranch. Sam’s staff, all women, defy explanation. Drug smugglers? Meth cookers? Lesbians?

Kidnapping, murder and deceit are threaded throughout this tale that taps into the inner soul of the characters. Meeting Minnie Rae Swofford, retired teacher and the "resurrected witch from Oz" offers you an unforgettable role model in life.

The women of the Greyhound Ranch capture your heart and open your eyes as they "move on" in life with humor, friendship and living out what it means to be a fulfilled woman.

The key to the puzzle is found in the greyhounds as a mystical foreshadowing appears, answering the question of whose destiny is completed with Sam Huston.

Prepare to bond with the women of the “Greyhound Ranch” who will create in you a new “gender bias” as they exhibit the true strength and dignity of women saving and successfully changing victims to more than survivors: to victors; as the women take charge of transforming their lives.

If you are a woman, you will never “settle” again.

If you are a man, you will cheer as you leave to find or appreciate your own Sam Huston.

                                                Third novel of the series: Three Times A Woman

“Uhh, it’s me Mr. Glouster. Ratatouille, “The Rat”. Legion’s  man. You once told me about the joke of being the bastard from King Lear when I met you before. I helped you, remember?” 

 “Ahh come on up here you little rat. Let the ‘Trigger’ buy you a drink” blustered an entertained Colton. 

                                                                                                From Three Times A Woman

Marki Tabor is a V.I.P,. Celebrity Bodyguard to a famous, female, country star and her adolescent daughter who is being stalked. On the last night of her assignment, Marki finds the mother has left the girl unattended in the hotel and is drinking in the lounge. She attempts to coax the mother to the room, but a man, Colton Sparks, has obvious plans for the star and thwarts Marki’s efforts. The abrupt and unfriendly meeting between Marki and Colton Sparks intensifies when he sizes her up as a possible lesbian suitor after the star. 

Their unfriendly encounter is interrupted when Marki is tipped off by a cellphne call that the girl may be alone in the room with an intruder. While trying to investigate, Marki is knocked unconscious and an attempt is made to rape her. A series of bizarre encounters with the man from the lounge ensue when he takes credit for stopping the perpetrator.

While in the hospital, Sparks shows up and introduces himself to her bosses as Marki's boyfriend, and gets her to play along. She does so to find out what he is up to. 

Colton finally has to confess he is a federal agent undercover, but does not tell her he now knows her true identity; and it is not Marki Tabor. He keeps the secret that he is the actual under-cover federal agent who years before, put her into witness protection when she was in college and known as Abby.

Colton Spark’s had employed extreme efforts to protect her by getting her out of state to recover in a  new pilot program in Oklahoma for high-risk victims. The plan was, that when she was recovered enough, she was to be put into federal witness protection letting her “remain dead”. Now he has to protect her without her cooperation or knowledge about their past connection. After her release from the hospital she disappears on him, leaving him to wonder if her enemy, Snake has found her.

Marki's bosses and Colton's agency, still without her knowing Colton’s true status in her life, bring the two combatants together on a case. They are reconnected at Sturgis, which necessitates a long motorcycle ride to Clear Lake, Iowa to a safe house. A dramatic showdown while on the case undercover as man and wife, forces Colton’s to reveal about being her rescuer back in college. This brings into play feelings and connections that neither knew about each other. 

Their work and romance bring them into contact with interesting characters throughout the story: Legion, Snake, Ratoullie the Rat, Popper, Edmund Glouster aka The Trigger, the Baron, Odetta Harper and Conner Mark Harper are only a few. You will never forget the stories and metamorphosis of Abby Elliott, to Marki Tabor, and then to Eve Sparks.

Love in this storyline is revealed to involve the non-traditional relationships of abiding first love with “Billy”, the trauma of death and moving on, and the struggles of “loving again”. Even more than that, to “make love again”. Wait in breathless anticipation as Marki grapples with the need to tell Colton the “two words” that will allow them to complete their love.

What life journey would be complete without the forces of the universe inserting themselves into the lives of two loving people needing a little guidance to find true love. In the most interesting twist of the book, the possibility of guardian angels, and life after death contact will impact events that will have the reader acknowledging that very likely, something extraordinary happened, and that often the unexplained has a name, and a mission. You will be allowed to resolve in your own mind the answer to the question: Can love reach beyond the grave to protect and serve?

                                                   Fourth novel of the series: Before Your Very Eyes


Sunny Gail Briscoe is loved by her famous childhood sweetheart,Country Music Star, Zane Winters. He brought her back to him by recording her original song, “For the First Time”. The song is about his betrayal of their youthful love. 

Sunny is now an undercover, VIP bodyguard hired to protect Zane from an escalating stalker. When he proposes marriage at a Country Music Awards program on stage, conflict reigns. They win Country Music Video of the Year, and their lives are plunged into havoc when the stalker tries to punish Zane, by attempts to kill Sunny believing her to be his intended bride. 

Their lives are further complicated by the appearance of the man from Sunny’s past, who was “the main character” in her song: the man who stirred her body and her soul when she experienced making love ‘for the first time'’

As the danger escalates into kidnappings and murder, it will touch the lives of their extended families and threaten their personal and professional futures with the revelation of a ‘secret love child’. But whose is it?

A Word From the Author From the Grassroots: Joyce Godwin Grubbs

In this suspenseful and romantic accounting of power and destiny, true love comes together through faith, an abundance of humor and determination. Even wrongs are made right. 

This story of loss brought full circle, is shared through endearing characters to be carried forward in the readers heart. Grandma Lady, Jim Kent, Shiloh, Zane Bennett, and Stormy will render your hearts committed to look at people and their circumstances forever in a new light.

  • Cry for the heartbreak of young love betrayed; 
  • Cheer the triumph of single parenting
  • Relate to the ultimate tests of friendships; 
  • Bow to the wisdom of family mentors; 
  • and applaud the victory of the love child finding their way in the world.
  • Ultimately, bond with a “woman’s woman” who brings dignity as she brings justice, and lives her life without apology.
  • Meet the men who love her equally, but cannot share her.


                                                      Fifth novel of the series: If This Isn't Love

The door bell sounded before she could answer him. Opening the door revealed  another dramatic male figure  standing there. Six feet, four, bald and with a diamond ear ring the size of a pea, he looked like a Swartzenneger disciple.  His muscles bulged and  stretched the black leather vest and leather pants. There was no question he was taking into account that there was a man with Stevie, and she didn’t look happy.

“Ready, Stevie?” He gave a narrowed and unfriendly look past her and toward Boone.

“Just finishing up something with this gentleman, Max. Give me a minute will you?”

“Riding with me?” His voice and his statement offered protection.

“No. Would you get my cycle out of the garage and  I’ll be right with you.”

Looking at Boone, she knew he was already looking beyond the hulk of a man on the porch at the group of bikers out on the curbside. Male and female, they didn’t look like your urban young professional wanna be bikers. They were the real deal and their tattoos, jackets and emblems showed it. Boone leveled a look at her that she knew telegraphed the question as to what kind of a woman she was? He must be wondering if it was safe to connect her to his client. As though answering the unasked question, she squared her shoulders and fairly spat out the answer.

“If you had done a good job of investigating me before you told her you would find me, you might have warned her about your misgivings. As for me, I think I should remind you that good investigators deal with facts, not with conclusions they got from jumping to them.”

                                                                                      From If This Isn't Love

If This Isn't Love is a mystery/suspense novel exploring political, wealthy and professional lifestyles steeped in domestic violence. It brings to the forefront the secrecy and deceit abusers master to keep their victims subjugated. Incredibly the humor of the lead characters in their faulty assessments of each other, and the 'come uppance' of T. Boone Parker add to the realism of attraction and denial experienced by couples when opposites attract. The tenderness of the growing pains as this larger than life man has his Achille's heel revealed, and the answer to his life long 'by the book' philosophy is a moment of self-discovery as he wrestles emotionally with a young man called "Rooster".

The power of twins, the innocence of damaged people and the true possibility of supernatural influences play a role in the storyline.

  • The story lines move through the eyes of a victim and an un-willing accomplice in solving two murders, and a kidnapping . 
  • The underground maneuvering that is needed to protect the victims and help them escape to  begin their lives again, adds to the twists and turns. 
  • The conflicts of domestic violence prevention, are melded with the victim's recovery from damages they have  already sustained. 
  • There is a thread woven  into the tapestry of domestic violence and rape sexual assault experiences of the ensemble characters.  It brings light to the problem, but offers hope and redemption for going on with life. 
  •  The importance of trust, understanding and a personal support group is revealed with humor,sensitivity and action that keeps the reader guessing to the end.

                                          Sixth novel of the series: A Woman's Revenge is Love


“You can’t talk to Mr. Dean that way. Who the hell do you think you are?”

“I, Mr. Summers, am Milly Milktoast. While I may not meet your physical standards for beauty, you do not meet my standards as a man on any level. Now stand out of my way or you will experience the bitch-slapping of your life.”


                                                                                From A Woman's Revenge is Love"


Tori Rae Sebolt is the “Rising Star” of the Twyner Security Company and their best VIP bodyguard. A New York City assignment is so distasteful she turns it down infuriating a ruthless tycoon and his security chief, Hunter Summers.

Focused now on her impending engagement to Superbowl NFL star Luke Butcher, she takes advantage of the New York City setting to celebrate their engagement with him in a prestigious five star hotel.

Encounters with Hunter Summers and his tycoon boss, and an assassin’s attempt on the tycoon‘s daughter at the hotel, are only the beginning of this unrelenting, mystery momentum. Tori foils the assassin’s attempt and an explosion at the hotel thrusts Tori on her own as Hunter Summers is critically injured.  Luke’s body is identified at the scene of the car bomb. She leaves New York and returns to her home state of Oklahoma where Luke is given a hero’s funeral, and she withdrawals from life.

After another encounter with Hunter Summers, now recovered from his injuries during the explosion, she is torn when he says Luke was going into witness protection without her the night he was killed and that Hunter was Luke‘s handler, and is a federal officer.. He reveals Luke had a love child by another woman, and Tori encounters them at the cemetery. She goes underground to search out the truth.

Kidnappings, murder, witness protection and the mystery of motive leads to the volatile world of smugglers, blood diamonds and deception so intimate it forces Tori to assume several identities undercover. From New York City, through the Midwest and western states, the chase involves compromising Hunter by getting his witness to let Tori have Luke’s baby, which she hides “underground”.

In her solo attempt to find the truth about Luke, Tori goes undercover and finds refuge at a women’s shelter. The couple that run the shelter have adopted “throw away” street children. The unique “family” becomes an integral part of Tori’s growth as a woman, and gives her stability in her work relationship with Hunter when he tries to help her clear the name of Luke Butcher: even as she finds out Luke was not the man she thought she knew.

Meet the extraordinary characters of the Colorado shelter: Martin and Angel, and their throwaway children; Mae, “Little Jesus”, Norm and Norma, and especially the unforgettable Peter. 

Join forces with the Twyner agents who come to the aid of Tori to find Luke’s murderer. You will sit in amazement at the strategy and teamwork of Dalton, Sam, Colton and Eve, and others from the Greyhound Lady Walking series. 

Evil is as evil does; and few are as despicable as those who are revealed as the murderers in the book, and their lack of remorse keeps you rooting until the end for justice.

The humor and growth in male, female relationships will give you new considerations as you explore in retrospect, Tori and Luke’s love from childhood playmates, to super stars in their own fields as adults.

Equally compelling is Hunter Summers whose love for Tori is stunted by her holding him responsible for Luke’s death. Even without that complication, it would be challenging to try to make her see him separate from the larger than life shadow Luke cast in lifetime.

The moving and sensual side of the relationship of Tori and Hunter will take you back to your innocence and carry you through the discovery of what it is to love someone new and find they held the key to your heart and your passion all along. The love of a mature and experienced lover, can cast a larger than life shadow of its own.

                                     Seventh novel of the series: The Monday Night Flight Club

  At fourteen, she was bound to a flagpole and deserted. At eighteen her Prince Charming, complete with English Castle appeared and marriage seemed to offer a karmic redemption to balance her childhood. The next years would teach her the true meaning of family, unconditional love, and the existence of soul mates; but not before she experienced a life filled with mystery, suspense, revenge and revelation. 

If you have never had a She-ro, prepare to meet Presley Lynn Powers and know that never again will you look at women in the same way. Her dignity, strength and sense of purpose will propel you into a new mindset for your life and its meaning.

 Meeting Momma Bets will give you a personal experience with pure love, hope, and the knowledge that all women were meant to find love; but first they give it away. This is foster parenting at its best. 

Your life will be better for having met the men in Presley's life. Learning the pitfalls of the Knight in Shining Armor that Bristol Lee Booth exposes. The unreserved love and respect of a father, not of one's blood, but of one's spirit, as revealed by Police Chief Gage Jackson of Pristine Springs, Arkansas. Thrill at the determination of unconditional love as lived out by Chase Daniel Grant whose dedication to be true to his dream, to himself and to the woman he loved his entire life without fail. Marvel at the men who reflect what a real man is about.

                                     Eighth novel of the series: Mysteries of the Dogwood Diaries

 A legacy is left through generations of women who write in the "Dogwood Diaries" translating oral history to the printed word. The loss of one of the women and her diary is the catalyst for the determined family matriarch, Marguerite McKenna to find them, to preserve her family and its legacies.

Blaine Stryker has distinguished herself in investigative reporting and is a Pulitzer Prize nominee when her childhood nemesis, “Her Ladyship, Marguerite McKenna” summons her in a public and not so subtle way.

Having gone underground in her youth, Blaine fights to protect her new identity but is forced to pay an old debt to Marguerite’s granddaughter and the indomitable “Biddy” who once helped save her life. The past unravels in a rapid pace with the involvement of a federal officer,Walker Rhoades. He is investigating mysterious deaths that lead him to suspect Blaine and Cory Stryker.  Rhoades believes they are the key to the case and may be trying to “cash in” on a large inheritance. 

Five mysteries will be revealed before Walker Rhoades and Blaine Stryker can reconcile the facts and solve the cases. The humorous and testy relationship between these two characters will lead you on a fast-paced path from New York City, Nashville, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and into the depths of caves. Prepare to engage with a couple who will introduce you to a new side to romance and suspenseful partnership.

  • Perhaps the heart of the story is in following the thread of unconditional love and friendship that Cory Stryker brings as his influence is felt in: 
  • the trust of a rigid Matriarch; 
  • the sacrificial relationship with a desperate teen; 
  • the role model and example he is to the “by the book” formidable federal agent who is “all Texan”, 
  • and to all that come into contact with the “genuine leprechaun of love and faith”.
 Cory's is a character that will stay with you, even as you fall in love with Walker Rhoades, and champion Blaine Stryker through their conflicts, collaborations and efforts to contain their mounting attractions as “opposites attract”.

                         Ninth novel in the series: From the Wrong/Strong Side of the Tracks

  It was the moment the Senator and successful CEO heard those words from the detective that they knew who was from the wrong side of the tracks.

"I just wonder how two smart, intelligent and important men like yourselves; ever let that woman slip through your fingers? Good day, gentleman." A cloud of cigar smoke, and he was gone. 

 Both men sat back contemplating the predicament of being two powerful, educated men that had been blessed in life, and both owed it all to that little slip of an Okie girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

 Lisbon Marks knew her place and it was not to be a doormat, or a Milly Milquetoast. She was going to make her own way in life. Just when it had all been within her grasp, Lisbon made a sacrifice that required her lifelong commitment to someone else's welfare. The burden of a murder drove her into hiding. There was no way she could ever envision making a different choice, or having her life come full circle. 

 There is the wrong side of the tracks; wrong side of townwrong family; wrong culture; wrong circumstances. The secret need in Lisbon's  life was how to turn the Wrong side of the tracks into the Strong side of the tracks . 

 Be inspired as you meet Lisbon Marks,  Voss Pierce, Smitty (Doc)Ida Mae, Big Orleans Lafayette,  Sgt. Roberta "Bobbi" BergBilly TallChief, RidleyAndy , and Maurice Murdock. You will experience their life lessons and they are worth keeping in your heart forever.

                                            Tenth novel in the series: Jason's Love is W.A.R.


 Sgt. Jason Hammer returned to the Army to serve his country believing his best friend, Sgt. Kendall Bruce would continue in the Army as well; the two were to be "lifers" . He was stunned when his re-upping party coincided with her going away party. Her secret reason for leaving put her in jeopardy of being charged in a felony, and Jason as complicit.

 Propelled into a life and death, mountainous cave rescue, Jason  discovers Pax Springs, Oklahoma and its life lessons. 

The saga of Jason's military family and personal family are in conflict as the soldiers involved reveal the good, bad and sacrificial in the lives of today s military. The camaraderie, love and loss of today's soldiers is epitomized by Sgt. Hammer and his example of what is best in our Volunteer Army and all that it means to be Army Strong. 

Unforgettable JorDane "Jordie" Bruce reminds us that often wisdom comes out of the mouths of babes . Sgt. Alixx Fox allows the military woman to shine and the giant Lakota healer Chayton reveals old ways and their mysteries. The brooding, hell bent Thorpe James gives formidable a whole new meaning, while Sgt. Dakota Tripp wins your heart forever. 

The ensemble characters bring us back to what is America, and why our military fights for the greatest nation on this earth. It also highlights many of the issues the pre-deployment a soldier must put into perspective and into face to leave for extended periods to defend our country.  At risk marriages, children in adolescent crisis or emotional conflict is not reason for delay or extention. Literally, the soldier must suck it up if he cannot put his life in order before deployment. Such is the case of Sgt. Hammer and his revealing predicament in leaving to serve in Afghanistan.

                                 Eleventh novel of the series: Riding the Fifth Wheel of Suspense

Adam Godwin looked at the Judge believing she would remember only the “late bloomer” he had been. She would conclude him to be guilty in Elsie’s disappearance and alleged murder. Would his unpredictable and legendary champion Elsie find a way to rescue him yet again?

The answer to his predicament would only lead him into a bizarre journey of the mystical world of the Hopi Indians.  Their spiritual practices would throw him into the dilemma of  choosing between three women vying for his favor.

The staunchly resistant Godwin would find his belief system challenged by “real ghosts from the past” when he is drawn into kidnapping, murder and betrayal. The evolution of a young man in his twenties into a “real man” to be counted on and destined to set the standard for “intrigue,” is the thread that leads the reader into the maelstrom, which is his “coming of age journey”.

The indomitable Elsa Mae Sanders gives a whole new picture into one’s concept of “Driving Miss Daisy.” As the earthy, successful and secretive author, “Birdie Baxter Banks” she spins a web of mystery and suspense in her novels, and in real life. Her secrets are the catalyst for changing the lives of all around her. The very protection she provides is at her own peril in the execution of her plans, as she enlists the reluctant Adam Godwin to exact her deeds.

Experience the true living legend of the "White Horse”, the legendary “Ant People", the Hopi heritage and legacy of unexplained connections to the caves in the Grand Canyon purportedly leading to the other side of the world. 

As in life, not all things can be explained in the world of the “natural” but rather must be deemed supernatural when no other explanation exists.

The true, oft documented, living legend of the "White Horse".

                     The twelfth in the series is the only non-fiction: Footsteps Out of Darkness; The Annabelle Kindig Story



This non-fiction account is a famous case in Boulder, Colorado that took place in 1972.  The lone survivor tells the story in a first hand account..  Annabelle Kindig is supported by  those who rescued her and then helped her get justice. It is with the blessing, encouragement and admiration of many who hold this woman in high regard as an incredible survivor and in the words of many in law enforcement, a hero for her amazing ability to bring the perpetrator down and see him proscecuted for her friend Jessica Schaffner and to prevent his ability to strike again.

  •  It is the story of a malicious crime by a cowardly perpetrator, Peter Fisher. On November 14, he abducted two 11 year old girls, Annabelle Kindig and Jessica Schaffner as they left Annabelle's eleventh birthday party.
  •  After sexually assaulting them, 
  •  He pushed them off a ledge
  • Shooting them twice each with 357 caliber bullets
  •  And left them for dead,
  • Still handcuffed together
  •  In the snowy, dark, freezing night-scape of Sunshine Canyon near Gold Hill, Colorado.

Annabelle rose from that icy "grave" still handcuffed to Jessica.  She was determined she would survive.

This is the story of those events and the years that followed, detailing Annabelle's journey to triumph over adversity and heartbreak. In her honor, and Jessica's, MESA (Moving to End Sexual Assault) was formed in Boulder in 1972 and now serves 1000+ victims a month with services.

A must read for victims, survivors, advocates, counselors, law enforcement and those who want to read of courage and unabashed honesty in detailing her struggles to recover.

The Foreword by Alex Hunter, former District Attorney of Boulder County,    reveals this was his first case (Jon Benet Ramsey was his last case). He was charged with  the procecution of Peter Fisher. He sought  justice for Jessica Schaffner and Annabelle Kindig. After forty years, he still remains Annabelle's "rock" and friend.  He plays a role in keeping objections before the parole board so Fisher will not be paroled.

Look around your family, your neighborhood and on the news, and consider the risks of the 11 year olds you know, and our other children who are at risk. This book could be their story.